BioGlobaX Inc. is a private Canadian corporation that provides customized scientific expertise and consulting services to the Life Sciences industry.

The company helps organizations to bring their practice to the next levels: solve pressing problems, streamline processes, reduce costs and risks, understand regulations while increasing profit, improve the quality of products and services, create opportunities for growth and social recognition, retain the best professionals, provide a secure and stress-free work environment, and develop a sustainable practice.

We cover broad areas of Life Sciences theory and practice, and we are specialized in preclinical drug discovery, specifically, biopharmaceuticals. Our consulting services have been established based on Quality Management System (QMS) principles, known as Quality by Design (QbD) in Life Sciences and Health Care.

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Science and Business in the Omics Era

Science and Business in the Omics Era With Biopharmaceuticals

With the advance of Omics, the need for a paradigm shift is becoming increasingly urgent. By adopting  QMS (QbD, DoE), the new scientific knowledge can successfully apply to business practice.   Read more…

For more information, please do not hesitate to connect with us.

From Instruments to Data Integrity

From Instrument to Data Integrity

Instrument qualification and method validation allow successful data collection. And this requires a good understanding of problem-solving, prevention procedures and regulatory requirements. Using only traditional methods for product description makes procedures costly and inefficient. Read more…

Quality and System Integrity

Sustainable achievements are possible only by embracing the principles of the Quality Management System (QMS), known as Quality by Design (QbD) in life sciences and healthcare or Design of Experiments (DoE) in laboratory settings. The benefits of adopting QbD/QMS are multidimensional; the most important ones are described in the white paper. Read more about our services.

Our Practice

Our Practice

We work with our clients and stakeholders in a partnership environment where statistically-based scientifically sound principles on the QMS/QbD philosophy apply. Such an approach allows all of the participants to minimize risks and costs and maximize the quality of products and services that are consistent with the regulatory expectations. [read more]