About BioGlobaX

Consulting in Life Sciences

BioGlobaX is a private Canadian corporation that provides customized services to private and public organizations in the field of life sciences. Our clients include analytical and preclinical research and development laboratories and manufacturers of drugs and other biotechnology products. We help in adopting the Quality by Design (QbD)/Quality Management System (QMS), which allows improvement in the quality of products and services while reducing risks and costs. You can learn more about the advantages and benefits of the QMS/QbD from our white paper.

Understanding Regulatory

With over 25 years of history, the International Council for Harmonisation (ICH) delivers guidelines for global pharmaceutical development and their regulators. These guidelines were developed based on QMS/QbD principles and continue to improve. We help organizations better understand regulations and adopt the QMS/QbD model. Working in a QMS/QbD environment is a continuous process that requires the active participation of the stakeholders. So, a combination of approaches is necessary to maximize the satisfaction of all participating parties. These may include internal or external audits, problem-solving training, and building quality improvement skills and attitudes, among many others. [read more]

Collaborating with Universities and Governments

University research helps industries to innovate and to pull out scientifically sound decisions. The databases from different Omics fields, with their exponential growth, provide an excellent source of information and tools for the more profound understanding of life sciences. The exposure of this information to the private sectors along with other university resources is an excellent opportunity for the businesses to take full advantage of universities’ various assets. Government programs support the need for collaboration between university research and industry. To this end, we help in the establishment of an efficient bridge between academic research and industry practice.

Industry and University Integration with Bioglobax

One of our roles as a life sciences consulting firm is to identify hidden needs and sources for improvement. Then, we help businesses to take full advantage of the provided government, academic and open access resources to improve their practice and grow.

A right combination of multidisciplinary expertise allows for more flexibility and creativity, as many ideas come from the interface of two or more disciplines. Innovation and training are an integral part of the QMS/QbD process. All the above factors make the operations more fluent, more predictable and more successful. We pledge to deliver all the ingredients to our customers and their partners that make it happen. You can learn more about our scientific and consulting expertise from our publications and presentations and the list of our expertise.