In recent years, the interest in protein biotechnology has grown exponentially. Proteins are the core of modern medicine and find application in many industrial processes. Whether they are enzymes, antibodies, hormones or drug receptors, they must be well-characterized to fulfill their functions efficiently and effectively.

Protein production is challenging and requires multiple analyses during the whole process, from cloning to expression and purification. The traditional protein production pathway is sequential, starting from limited literature research, followed by cloning, purification and analyses. This approach is inefficient as proteins lose the native environment and become unstable with lost activity and specificity.

When an appropriate Design of the Experiment approach is applied, proteins remain stable and maintain activity and specificity for subsequent use. Design of Experiments in Research and Development is known as Quality by Design and Quality Management System in the industry. QMS reduces variables, time and costs while improving stability and overall quality. Bioglobax’s proprietary technology helps you establish the successful application of QMS for protein production.